Client Information


Office Hours: Monday – Friday 6:30 am – 5:00 pm
Hours of Service: Monday – Sunday Pending Volunteer Availability on Weekends
To Schedule a Ride: (231) 745-7322

About Volunteer Services
Volunteer Services is a transportation program created in collaboration between Yates Dial-A-Ride and agencies in Lake County and the surrounding area. This service helps pre-approved clients reach their important destinations in a safe, timely and reliable manner with the help of volunteer drivers.

Who is eligible to become a client?
Client eligibility is established through Yates Dial-A-Ride and the agencies that have coordinated their services with Yates Dial-A-Ride.

How do I become eligible?
With Yates Dial-A-Ride: Individuals can receive transportation services under the Yates Dial-A-Ride Volunteer Services self-pay program. These are round trip rates. Transportation is often provided for doctor visits, dentist appointments, dialysis appointments, general trips to the grocery/drug store and other personal business trips which are not paid for by an agency. Contact the Volunteer Services Coordinator for specific rates.

Through an agency: To establish eligibility an individual must contact the human services agency that they need transportation through. These agencies determine eligibility; Yates Dial-A-Ride Volunteer Services provides the transportation only.

Agency List
This is an ever growing list of locations that Volunteer Services provides transportation for. The more agencies that collaborate with Yates Dial-A-Ride, the longer this list will become. Please check the list from time to time for updates.

  • Alzheimer Respite
  • Baldwin Community Schools
  • Council on Aging
  • Department of Human Services
  • District #10 Health Department
  • Family Health Care/ CCM
  • Good Health of Michigan
  • Human Resource Development Incorporation
  • Lake County Health & Services Association
  • Mental Health
  • Munson Medical Center
  • Senior Meals Program
  • Social Security Disability
  • Substance Abuse
  • Work First

What should I do if I need a ride?
To schedule a ride, call (231) 745-7322 and ask for the Volunteer Services Coordinator.

About Our Volunteers
Our volunteer drivers have passed the pre-screening process which includes:

  • A criminal record check
  • A valid driver’s license
  • Full insurance coverage
  • Vehicle inspection by a certified mechanic

Each volunteer is provided with a name tag and a volunteer driver identification card as well as a handicapped parking permit.

Safety & Confidentiality
Safety is our number one concern! Our volunteer drivers are trained to adhere to all traffic laws. Thia includes the use of seat belts, refraining from speeding, traffic violations and the use of alcohol and controlled substances. Volunteers are also trained on the importance of confidentiality. Many of our clients become comfortable with our volunteer drivers and often confide in them and may share personal information. This information is not shared.