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Road Rules

Knowing "the rules of the road" will make for a smooth, enjoyable ride with Yates Dial-A-Ride.
  1. YDART (Yates Dial-A-Ride) requires exact fare when boarding the bus. The drivers do not carry change.

  2. YDART passengers must be prepared to board the bus at the designated pick up location. Time is extended to customers with disabilities.

  3. For reasons of safety, YDART passengers are limited to certain items and the amount that can be brought on board the bus in one boarding. Groceries must be in bags or boxes large enough that groceries are not over the top. Plastic bags must be tied closed. All passengers are limited to three bags or two boxes that can be placed on or near their lap. YDART passengers are also limited to one 30 gallon size bag of clean cans or bottles. These too must be placed on or near the passengers lap. They cannot be in an adjacent seat or aisle for reasons of safety.

  4. YDART will allow service animals on board its buses. Service animals are working animals, not pets. They are individually trained to perform tasks for people with disabilities such as guiding people who are blind, alerting people who are deaf or pulling a wheel chair. Pets in approved enclosed carriers are allowed.

  5. Passengers who temporarily de-board the bus will be charged another fare.

  6. It may be necessary to make several stops before your destination to accommodate other passengers.

  7. YDART will make every effort to serve you during adverse weather conditions. Delays and cancellations are possible.

  8. YDART requests prior notification when you cancel a ride. If YDART responds and receives a “No-Show”, the customer will be expected to reimburse YDART before they can ride again.

  9. Objectionable odors from any source unavoidable by other passengers will not be permitted.

  10.  YDART does not allow eating, drinking, smoking, vulgar language nor will we tolerate any type of violence, threats, intimidation, destruction of property or insubordination.

  11.  YDART demands that passengers conduct themselves in an acceptable manner at all times. Any lewd or indecent behavior is unacceptable. Failure to comply will result in immediate removal.

  12.  No weapons, illegal drugs, hazardous materials or other dangerously-deemed items will be permitted on the bus.

  13.  YDART has the right to temporarily or permanently ban passengers from service when it is necessary.

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